Travel With Pets

Travel With cat

Photo: Wolfgang Lonien

Is Travel Really Needed?

Traveling with pets can range from being pretty simple through to being so complex you may not ever want to attempt to do it again. When considering whether or not you should travel with any of your animal companions there are some factors that need to be considered. People who think carefully about these issues will tend to have fewer problems when traveling with their pets.

The things that need to be considered may vary depending on the kind of animals, which need to travel, and the distance that has to be covered. Last but not least it is important to know if the journey is solely within this country, or involves going abroad. The longer the proposed journey, and the greater the gap before the return trip can dictate, which animals should travel, or when it would make sense to leave your pets at home.

What Supplies Pets May Need For Traveling

The longer the trip the more steps you will need to take to make sure your pets travel in comfort, and also in safety. For short distances most animals will probably not need food or water. The further they have to go then the more likely they are to need to have both something to eat. Water is what pets need to stay comfortable. The larger the pet the more food and drink they will require for the longer trips. The bowls and bottles will vary in size according to the kind of the companion you are traveling with. Reptiles being cold blooded animals may also need something to make sure that they stay comfortable such as a heat lamp.

If the journey is a relatively long one then larger animals such as cats and dogs may need to stretch their legs, so take a leash for your dog. Long distances that you have to drive means that you would need to take a break in any case, so that is when you could walk your dog. Whilst chinchillas and reptiles may not have to be exercised yet the cages or carriers still have to have enough room for them to move whenever they need to. Mind you letting out a chinchilla in a car is probably not a good idea at any time.

Ferrets in cage

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Accessories for a Better Journey

It is generally best to use specifically designed accessories when you are traveling with pets. Some animals need more toys than other types of pets do, whether they being transported over short distances, or been flown half way across the globe. Smaller animals are realistically going to have to be kept in something all of the time due to the risk of them escaping, or because they need greater levels of protection from things that could potentially harm them.

Dog Accessories – Home Comforts on the go?

Travel With Dog

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Dogs especially if fully trained will not need as much in terms of accessories as you might think they would do, particularly for shorter journeys. Puppies do not have to be caged, or put in a pet carrier if they are going on short trips. Dogs that are used to being in cars and traveling short distances are better than those that are not yet used to traveling.

When traveling with your dog you may need a bowl, some food, and some water, possibly a blanket. Consider taking something for a dog to chew or to play with, to give the animal something to do, and keep them occupied. It is always sensible to bring a leash so that you can walk your dog if you have stopped your car to take a break from driving.

For smaller dogs or puppies it is probably worth bringing a small pet carrier or a puppy crate. Before traveling ensure that the carriage has enough room for your companion to move around freely. For travel across continents dogs will have to be put in crates or larger cages. Due to the fear of rabies some countries will only let dogs in after they have been in quarantine for a period of time. The length of time varies from country to country, and then your dog will more than likely have to go in quarantine when they come back. Therefore if you are only going abroad for one or two weeks it is not worth bringing your dog with you.

Pamper Your Cats

Travel With cat

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Cats need accessories as well when traveling. They do need pet carriers to be kept in while they are traveling. For longer journeys kittens have to have food and drink plus if possible litter. Also on longer car journeys try and let your cats out of the carrier into the car to stretch their legs even if only for a little bit of time.

In order to make the trip as comfortable as possible, place some bedding in the cat’s carrier for them. For journeys by plane what the cat has to travel with depends on what is provided by the flight operator. Some companies may be willing for you to pay for extra accessories so that your cat does get pampered.

Chinchillas Traveling in Style


Photo: Danny Kim

Being smaller than cats or dogs, chinchillas and ferrets obviously need smaller pet carriers or compact travel cages whilst they are traveling. For more information on small pet cages, visit Again they need bowls plus bottles for their food and water to keep them nourished during the journey. Chinchillas will need bedding as well. You will need to pick a carrier that is large enough to contain food and drink for them whilst they are traveling.

Traveling Like a Reptile

The accessories you will need for a reptile will depend entirely on what kind of exotic companion you are traveling with, and when you are traveling. As reptiles are cold blooded you may have to take a source of heat to keep them warm enough, particularly if you are making the journey in winter. A glass or plastic tank may be better for putting the reptile into than a pet carrier. Some reptiles may need live food, lizards could need insects, whilst snakes might need rodents. You may have to bring their food in suitable containers and possibly sure it does not escape.

Traveling with pets, especially if you do it properly so they stay fit and healthy can take a great deal of organization. You need to know what your pets will need if they are traveling, and bring all the accessories they need to arrive there and back healthily and safely.

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Top Destinations For Trail Riding

Top Destinations For Trail Riding

Finding the best route is a thrilling challenge for motorcycle owners. Experienced motorcyclists are constantly looking for new terrains where to practice jumps; riding on wet ground or climbing on hills. Get your safety helmet and protective gear and explore the top routes for trial riding.

Recently, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has become a favorite destination for trail riding. North American motorcycle riders prefer Cabot Trail route. The 185-mile road passes through the spectacular Cape Breton Highlands National Park and dramatic river valleys. The trial starts from the Trans-Canada Highway. If you have a companion, you can also opt for beach walk or expedition to Pollett’s Cove trail and Roberts Mountain. In this wilderness, you can explore the animal species that live there – bear, the large deer (moose), and eagle.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway is also considered a top destination for motorcycle riding. The length of this route is 19 miles. It is located in Arkansas, near the Ozark Mountains. The trail is perfect for trips in spring, summer and autumn. The road crosses one of the wildest rivers in the area – the Mulberry River.

The avid riders also like the Beartooth Pass. This wild road passes through Montana, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. The trial is 68 mile long.

The list of the best motorcycle roads in North America also includes

  • Deal’s Gap (North Carolina)
  • Cherohala Skyway (Tennessee and North Carolina)
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Pacific Coast Highway (California)
  • The Hundred Mile Loop (Twisted Sisters)

Trial Rides Destinations

Trial Rides Destinations

There are up to 140 ranches in North America offering family vacation. Many places in USA, Canada and Mexico provide an authentic cowboy experience.  For many tourists this type of holiday is a trip of a lifetime.  Tourists learn from expert riders many facts about Western heritage and riding skills. Certified instructors lead riding lessons, trail rides, cattle drives, and pack trips. There are so many activities to do and so many spots to see in the vacation ranches. Among them are an amazing fishing opportunities as well as  yoga and tennis classes.


Fall horseback riding vacation by Echo Valley Ranch

Fall horseback riding vacation. Photo: Echo Valley Ranch

The largest number of ranches can be found in Colorado – more than 25.  These ranching destinations are settled in the wildest parts of the state.  Colorado features unique landscapes which can make you feel the spirit of the Wild West.  The best time for a horse riding vacation is spring because of emerald-green mountain forests and vibrant colors of the spring flowers.  In the summer you can swim in crystal-clear lakes. Fall is a great season for a vacation in Colorado because of the gold and red colors of the woods.  During your holiday in a family run Colorado ranch, you can explore the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado River. Farmlands offer horseback riding, wildlife watching as well as learning about cowboys. Sound like the thrill of a lifetime!

There are more than 20 vacation ranches in Wyoming which makes this state the second large destination for trial rides in North America. This rustic ranch destination is the land of vast forests, isolated homes and picturesque farms. Wyoming`s vacation ranches are considered the best horse riding destinations in USA. The places are located in mountain meadows or valleys featuring immense grasslands.  The ranches are famous with the authentic local cuisine.

The California`s land still remains a home of the cowboy.   Here, there are five exceptional ranches to visit.  All they feature a relaxed and personal atmosphere. On your adventure holiday you can learn skills from experienced trainers. During your stay, you can explore the outstanding beauty of the Marble Mountain and Klamath River.

Arizona is also an area to become a true cowboy.  This destination is famous with the unlimited riding opportunities, comfortable accommodations, and adventurous pack tours across breathtaking landscapes. Here, you can practice horseback riding and watch how the horses are trained.  You can also learn how to prepare a cowboy dinner.

Horseback riding in Canada takes you through majestic mountains, open meadows, and evergreen forests. Here you can enjoy some of the most beautiful, untouched natural landscapes in North America.  The ranchos are located in Vermont, British Columbia and Quebec.

The more adventurous tourists can explore the Mexico`s countryside. There are a few ranchos offering horseback riding, sightseeing and even camping out under the stars.

Caribbean Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a popular holiday activity for many tourists in Caribbean resorts. Riding along exotic white sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise ocean is a must-do when you are in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and other exotic destinations in the region. Horseback trails offer a great experience through tropical landscapes and amazing scenery. There are many resorts where you can go horse riding.

Photo: Dustan Sept

Photo: Dustan Sept

This activity is available in North Dominican Republic – the peninsula of Samana, Las Terrenas and Puerto Plata. There are exclusive guided tours that can be booked at your hotel. Many luxurious getaway on the North coast of Dominican Republic offer horseback trips. You can also opt for a vacation in a farm, located on a Samana Mountain or Puerto Plata. In addition to the sunny weather and ocean breeze, here you can also enjoy scenic mountain views. There are some hidden gems that can be reached only by horse such as waterfalls, as well as mangroves and jungles in Las Terrenas area.

It is a great experience to ride on fabulous beaches in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. During yourtrip, you can explore the exotic surroundings of your hotel and the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Tourists consider this area an excellent location for a horseback riding tours. This activity can be combined with adventure day trips to the ancient architectural monument Chichen Itza and the natural wander – cenote.

There are also trial packs including biking, canoeing, snorkeling, as well as trying the amazing local cuisine. After the ride through the Yucatan landscapes, you can relax on exotic beaches.