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Mountain Meadow Trail Rides has become a popular tourist destination for thousands of people who are attracted by the countless outdoor activities and adventures; healthy and fresh environment, as well as breathtaking landscapes.  The internet community that supports the combination of tourism, rides and sports, has also considerably grown. This site aims to continue the work that Mountain Meadow Trail Rides started many years ago and to present more possibilities for mountain-based activities.

Horse by rayand

Photo: Rayand

Hills, meadows and mountains are a great source of inspiration because of their wilderness. This environment attracts people living in big cities. In fact, only 25 percent of human population live in the mountains or in the areas near peaks and hills. At the same time, these regions are very popular tourism destinations. People are attracted to mountains because of the opportunity to experience adventures and nature-related recreation. That is why trail rides, pack tours as well as other family activities are increasing rapidly.

In this site we present the countless opportunities that mountain destinations offer.

Trail Riding

Riding on forest roads and paths is a thrilling outdoor adventure. Places like Mountain Meadow Trail Rides Ranch offer great opportunities for people who want to improve their off-road driving skills. You can learn the proper riding techniques no matter what type of vehicle you choose -ATV, mountain bike or motorcycle.  And you will definitely get the proper safety gear – helmet and protective clothing. This are key issues related to mountain trail riding.

There are lot of reasons why people enjoy off-road racing . Here are a few examples – getting dirty and driving fast are both ways to feel like a child again.

Horseback Riding

This amazing family activity has become a Mountain Meadow Trail Rides` specialty. Experienced trainers and cowboys help you discover the world of horses. The cattle and horse ranch is an ideal place for the family to enjoy wildlife, mountain ecosystem and scenic beauty. This ride can take you into the places that are inaccessible to conventional vehicles.  There you can explore the hidden jems of nature. This sport benefits people at any age.

Moreover, horse riding is a pleasant way to get fit. This activity improves your physical condition – burns calories, strengthens muscles and provides a relaxing workout.  It is fun and mentally stimulating. People who have already experienced riding are convinced that this is a must-do activity.

Pack Trips

Many ranches offer activities such as canoeing, rafting and wine tasting. There is something interesting for everyone. With so many choices and recreational opportunities it is not surprising that growing numbers of tourists prefer pack trips in mountain resorts or less known remote destinations. These tours might include trekking, climbing and exploring the rich biodiversity of the area. You can opt for day trip, overnight trip or a few days’ vacation in an earthly paradise.

With so many choices, it is easy to organize your vacation or long weekend with your family, friends or colleagues.  It is time to fulfill your dreams of riding a horse, driving off-road or relax in eco-friendly environment. Whether you are planning a family trip, a holiday party with friends or colleagues, Mountain Travel Sobek’s travel planning specialists have the inside knowledge and expertise to design a trip that caters to your every need and exceeds all expectations.

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